Drones, wearables, teleconsultation reimbursement & much more in this quarterly update on InsurTech in India.
WhatsApp entering Insurance, deal heat at the early stages and much more in this quarterly review!
WhatsApp is set to enter insurance distribution in India in partnership with SBI General Insurance; what's next?
Returning to being an Operator, exiting stealth mode - an insiders perspective on how D2C InsurTechs begin their life.
India's upcoming 'standalone micro-insurance company' framework - venture or impact opportunities? Maybe, both? It's time to insure 500M+ lives
3 InsurTech IPOs in 1 year?! Root joins Lemonade & Clover Health (courtesy Chamath).
$185.6M in venture funding, regulatory progress and much more this quarter in India!
InsurTech SingLife 'acquires' Aviva's Singapore unit; and, some news from India!
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